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Welcome to Portalimex, where marketing meets innovation. Founded by a team of passionate digital strategists, we specialize in creating impactful marketing solutions that resonate with your target audience. Our journey began with a vision to transform the digital landscape, empowering businesses to reach their full potential. Our approach combines creative storytelling, data-driven insights, and the latest technology to deliver campaigns that not only captivate but convert. We're not just a marketing agency; we are your partners in growth, committed to navigating the ever-evolving digital world alongside you. At Portalimex, we believe in driving results that matter, fostering lasting relationships, and shaping the future of digital marketing together.

Our Team

Pouria Najarian CEO
Pouria Najarian

Empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape through innovative and results-driven marketing strategies.

Mehdi Najarian

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive transformative marketing solutions that deliver measurable results and competitive advantage.

Superior Care Standards

Customer Commitment Mastery

We focus on honing negotiation skills, fostering mutual agreement, and ensuring unwavering commitment to satisfy our customers' needs.


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